Friday, December 26, 2008


My VivaG Restaurant Project is and has been underway. I began with an email to my brother Kevin and two trusted friends. Basically I said the following:

Primary Purpose as it stands now:

To create a 3 meal restaurant, & banquet venue with emphasis on Mexican Breakfast Cuisine with a Market Style take away in Dallas Texas

Brief Description:

  • It should be a big restaurant 200 covers or better with Venue, banquet, and catering capabilities. (venue for possible small musical acts and or event functiuons over weekends)

  • Good parking with accessibility to area, from highways, & other demand generators

  • Good immediate market area (demographics)

  • Interactive Internet site (beginning with blog)

  • prefer turnkey property purchase or warehouse renovation (similar to Gilleys)

  • or possibly a favorable long term lease

  • Subdivide the space to rent to augment revenue stream for debt obligation

  • Other possible markets San Antonio, Austin, & Houston in that order
Next Action Steps
  • Consult with a few close persons to brainstorm the viability of several hybrid Concepts
  • Check on DBA names with County Registrar
  • Purchase Internet Domain Name
  • Develop Business Plan: Begin with personal Bio's
  • Continue searching for Restaurants for sale and new developments

I am elated to have contacted Bill Woods, an excellent ally and look forward to discussions with Rocko & the Chef

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Candy Apple Metallic Red Sting Ray Corvette

We all gave a quick japanese bow in unison as the Volks Wagon Bug hotrod came to an abrupt halt at the red light.  All five of us Charlie, Floyd and David and me were crammed in the small car laughing and yelling while Oscar or Big O as we called him, took us for a ride in his newly bought hot rod VW Beetle.  He took us and the car through its paces. He would make a hard right, we would lean hard to the right; a left we would all lean far to the left.  All in unison we would make a little hiccup jerk motion everytime Big O would shift gears.  Though small that VW Hotrod was tricked out; magnesium wheels, souped up carburator, race cam and an exhaust that came right out of the engine over the motor not under.  It was faster than most cars on the road.

As we waited at the stop light a do-it-yourself Chevy Nova street rod came up next to us bucking like a bronco waiting to let loose. It was a do-it-yourself job.  It had primer for a paint job.  You could see where the owner had buffed it out anticipating a paint job.  When the light turned green Big O let a out a screech as the tires burned rubber. He did the best he could in that 4 cylinder German made Volkswagon beetle. We were hollaring and laughing at Big O to get that tin can moving. Of course with 5 persons in the car we were no match for the 8 cylinder american muscle car. That Chevy Nova seemed like it was tapping its foot as it waited for us at the next light. Big O slowly and humbly approached the light without making us give the Japanese bow this time.

Just as soon as we meekly rolled to a complete stop a Candy Apple Metalic Red 1967 Sting Ray Corvette Fastback Coupe floated to a stop in between us and that dang Chevy Nova. That metalic paint job just glistened in the Texas sun. The driver looked plain cool. He sported sleek sunglasses. He had both hands on the wheel like he was holding the clamp down on that Sting Ray or it would get out from under that hood. In what was like slow motion he turned toward us. He slightly nodded to us as if to say "I got this one boys" I can remember that Corvette Emblem of 4 race flags on the side of the car. Those flags still looked like they were waving from the speed even though the car was at a complete stop. All of a sudden the stop light flashed green. Those tires smoked like fire. The motor rumbled like a jet. That beautiful Sting Ray Corvette fastback bolted out from that hood like lighting. It seemd that shimmering metalic candy apple red chasis did all it could to hang on to its motor. You didn't see the car. All you could do was smell the rubber, see the smoke, and taste the gasoline of where it were it had been. The guy in the Chevy Nova and all of us young kids in that small VW bug were awestruck. To this day that is why still love those Fast Back Corvette Sting Rays. Sweet

Thursday, November 6, 2008

First Entry

This Blog is the nurturing of my various interests; writing, restaurants' hotels, Dallas, music, world affairs and of course politics of all kinds.